Some Property Trespassing Laws in Texas You Should Know

If you are living in Texas or have property in the State one of the most important things for you to understand is the property trespassing laws in texas. You must be able to know what property trespassing is while in Texas to avoid committing the offense. On the Texas Penal Code 30.05, definition of criminal or property trespassing is a bit complex than just finding yourself in another person’s property like land, house and others. But, it is important that you understand it before getting into real estate investment in the state. Some renowned, experienced and skillful real estate investors like Jason Hartman were successful in investing into Texas real estate market due to their good understanding of the laws.  They know what property trespassing is and always avoid it saving them from issues like court charges and others. That is among reasons for their success in business. One of the ways to go against the property trespassing laws in texas is to get into someone’s property when you are forbidden to do so and you are aware of that. Another obvious way to commit this crime is insist on staying in someone’s property refusing to move even when you have already been notified to move.

What You Should Know About Property Trespassing Laws in Texas

According to property trespassing laws in texas before a criminal trespass will be committed, there must be declined notice. The notice can be in any of these five different forms such as:

  • Written or oral communication by either the owner of the property or someone in place of the owner.
  • It can be an enclosure like fence and other demarcation obviously made to keep intruders from getting into a property.
  • The notice can simply be in form of a sign installed on a property typically at the entry point of the property, big enough to be noticed as an indication to forbid intruders.
  • It can also be in a form of bold purple paints made in large size shape and put on posts, trees that is not above 100 feet from each other on the forest land or simply 1,000 from each other when it is on non-forest land.
  • Visible present of crops cultivated for human consumption. The crop is either about to be harvested or simply marketable.

If you get into a property with any of these notices, you can be charged for criminal property trespassing as explained in the property trespassing laws in texas.

The Fine on Property Trespassing Laws in Texas

The property trespassing laws in texas are serious laws that should and must be well understood to avoid the fine that is attached to them. To show you how serious property trespassing is, it is categorized under Class B misdemeanor attracting $2,000 fine for offenders as well as about 180 days jail term. It can be categorized under class C when the offense is commended on agricultural land with the offender being found within 100 feet within the boundary placed on the land  and it attract $500. Nevertheless, in some conditions when the offender is found to be in possession of deadly weapon on the land, the offense is classified under Class A misdemeanor with $400 find and about 1 year jail term. You have to understand the property trespassing laws in texas so as to avoid spending your money on payment of fine as well as serving some time consuming jail term.

How to Understand More about Property Trespassing Laws in Texas

It is truly important that you take time to understand more about property trespassing laws in texas so as to avoid putting yourself into legal issue that will not just cost you money but also put you behind bars. But, due to the complexity of the event categorized under property criminal trespass, it is not always easy for an ordinary person to understand it. That is why you have to get a qualified attorney to help in explaining them to you. Different classes of the offense attract different fine amount and jail term. A tenant can be found guilty of Class A misdemeanor in property trespassing when he or she is living in a property without payment of rent and refused to move even when the homeowner has notified him or her. Instead the tenant get deadly weapon against the property owner. Sine your understanding of property trespassing laws in texas is going to make it easy for you to know the best way to avoid going against the laws that will make you spend your hard earned money in payment of find. That is why you need a qualified attorney.

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